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Распределитель смазки Dropsa AIR/OIL SMX

Распределитель смазки Dropsa AIR/OIL SMX

Решение для уменьшения количества смазки с увеличением производительности


- Two separate inletS for compressed air and oil
- Oil Viscosity: 15÷1000 CSt
- Fluid Working Temperature: 0÷80°C

SMX mixing valve is the basis of air/oil progressive modular system.
Air/oil divider applies the characteristics of SMX modular progressive divider to the air/oil system.
Modular elements are assembled on the sub base that provides - through special fittings - an air/oil mixture of or, as needed, only oil.

- Lubrication of high speed rotating elements, where a steady distribution of small quantities of lubricant is required and is able to maintain, between moving elements, the lubricating film which tends to be carried off by the high centrifuge power.
- Lubrication of machinery parts working at high temperatures where the lubricant tends to be dried or burned
spray lubrication of chains or gears
- Lubrication of slides and ways which require a thin film of lubricant all over their surface
- Lubrication of bearings which need protection for dust infiltration, water or other damaging substances. The mixed air flow creates a slight over pressure inside the lubricated element, preventing the ingress of other polluted bodies
- Lubrication of point which cannot be reached by traditional lubrication system, where only an oil spray a solve the problem

 MODULAR CONCEPT of the SMX progressive metering elements allows flexibility of the lubrication system to suit the need of installed project.

COMPATIBILITY with Dropsa progressive system installations. The air/oil distributor is copatible with the traditional SMX system thus allowing to fit one or more air/oil distributors on existing installations, it is only necessary to have a compressed air generator.

ECONOMY IN LUBRICANT. The oil delivered into the air strem is accurately metered according to the effective requirement on the lubrication point. this avoid expansive lubricant wastage.

LUBRICANT VISCOSITY. It is possible to use any type of lubricant with viscosity between 15 and 1000 cSt at fluid working temperature between 0àC and 80°C ( 32°F÷176°F). The best conditions are obtained with oil viscosity between 32 and 320 cSt at temperature of 40°C (104°F)

COOLING OF LUBRICATED PARTES. The continuous supply of a mixed air stream, besides lubricating, also has a cooling effect.

RETAINING ACTION. The over pressure inside the lubricated elements prevents the ingress of foreign bodies.

CONTROL FUNCTION. Thanks to the progressive system, the malfunctioning of a metering element is signaled by a control device.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. The air/oil system does not produce oil mist and therefore does not produce fogging

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